HOWARD LEE is the Director of Policy for DAP Perak and runs a thinktank named PROSPECT focussing on State level governance policies with a heavy emphasis on public engagement. His dream is to mainstream political nerdiness and turn it cool.



FAIRUZ AZHAN is the Communications Director of Perak based think-tank PROSPECT and also DAP Perak Youth & Sports Bureau chief. He is well-published as a commentator on Malaysian politics for Roketkini and The Rocket. He is also an avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

HARIS ZUAN is the Bukit Bendera DAPSY Youth Chief. He has a profound interest in popular culture, youth issues and national identity, and has a Masters Degree to prove it. He is a frequent contributor to the Roketkini.com and has edited two books. He is now serving as a Councillor for the Penang Island Municipal Council.

LIEW CHIN TONG is the National Director of Political Education of DAP and member of Parliament for Kluang. He is hell bent on making Malaysians think more.

ONG SIOW WOON was trained as an assistant Town Planner before joining Penang Institute, public policy think tank of Penang State Government as a researcher in the Urban Studies section. She now holds the position of Senior Executive Officer in Penang Institute while pursuing her accreditation as a professional town planner in Malaysia.

WONG SHU QI was a journalist before joining the DAP. She is currently the policy director for Johore DAP and Director of Progress, a Johore-based think tank. She is also an elected assemblyperson for Senai, Johore.

JIM KHONG organises and trains Polling Agents & counting Agents, having been involved in Siasat PRU13 last year with on-ground investigations. He currently advises companies on corporate strategy & execution, GST implementation as well as project management training, having had a varied career in corporate finance, corporate governance, programme management and customer experience.

KASTHURI PATTO is the Deputy Chairperson of Penang DAP Wanita, and is the secretary to the Women’s Caucus and Sri Lanka Caucus in Parliament. A UM graduate in Microbiology, she is the first ever female Indian Opposition Member of Parliament, and a classical Indian dancer.

KO CHUNG SEN is a cardiac surgeon graduated from Trinity College University, Dublin Ireland. Over his career, he has successfully restarted over ten cardiac arrests, and have performed approximately 2000 successful heart surgeries. He is a keen runner who has consistently participated in the Ipoh Star walk for the last decade.

LAM CHOONG WAH is a Senior Fellow at REFSA. He holds a B. Eng in Aerospace Engineering, USM, and a Master’s degree in Strategic and Defence Studies, UM. Making too much criticism earns him a reward – “blacklisted” by MINDEF in 2012, a compliment rather than humiliation in his opinion.

WAN HAMIDI was, up until recently editor-in-chief for the Rocket. He is a well respected and highly influential veteran journalist who is now advisor to Impian Malaysia, and is known to have a penchant for rock music.

WONG KAH WOH is a Law graduate with First Class honours from the International Islamic University Malaysia and a practicing lawyer. He is also currently the Secretary of International Affairs DAPSY Malaysia and a second term State Assemblyperson in Perak.

AHMAD AL-MU’TASIM is a scholar of Law, an educator, who is only too familiar with the exploits of the system that wrongfully rewards the incompetent. It is that very oppressive system that calls for the need of a pseudonym, in fear of a repeated jeopardy of this author’s livelihood.

SYARLEENA ABDUL RASYID is a councillor at the Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) and a proud Malaysian who believes that deep inside we’re not that different at all.

RAJIV RISHYAKARAN is a first term State Assemblyman in Selangor representing Bukit Gasing. Having served as a city councillor and an advisor to TRANSIT (The Association for the Improvement of Mass Transit), Rajiv’s longstanding passion for transit and mobility is a longstanding, quiet yet substancial one.